Mad About Yellow [Chardonnay Bay]

Yellow square abstract landscape painting with horizon

Chardonnay Bay, 36x36" oil/cold wax on panel

Seems I'm just mad about yellow, and yellow's just mad about me.

After all, it's inserted itself into my life. I mean, look at this painting. Unashamed and glowing like there's no tomorrow.

So this year, I want to give thanks to the color yellow. Without it, there would be no sun to warm my days, no moon to gaze upon, no bananas, no curries, no cheese, no rubber duckies or smiley faces. In fact, the world would be blue.

Don't get me wrong. Yellow isn't my favorite color. In fact, I can't stand the sight of it coming straight out of a tube of paint without putting on my shades. But when I "dirty it up" with a bit of warm grey or burnt umber, even olive green, I get all mellow yellow. "Ooh, look at that," I say as I take off my shades.

I was unaware of my color bias until I started looking at my stuff: home decor, clothes, paintings, etc. My comforter is mustard and white. My favorite swim towel is yellow-green and grey. My sweater du jour is sage. Ack! I even have a flower arrangement that's golden olive. And it's fake! I know what you're thinking. How déclassé. Oui, oui. What can I say?
I'm powerless over yellow.

Ultimately, I suppose I don't mind. Yellow has certainly brightened up my life and I hope it's brightened yours, too. So thanks, yellow, for being a good sport, getting all dirty and playing nice with other colors.

And a big Thanks to you, too, for being here. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving that sings a mellow yellow.