About the artist

My art is a reflection of the human experience — flawed, yet beautiful in its vulnerability.

I am a recovering perfectionist and have a keen eye for detail and order. After all, I was the kid in kindergarten who colored inside the lines. But I grew up in a bustling household, so chaos feels natural to me. I believe this duality is evident in my work.

Look closely, and you’ll see that what may initially appear random reveals an underlying structure and intentionality. I use lines, shapes, and negative space to balance careful planning and spontaneous expression. It’s like conducting a symphony. Each stroke and element contributes to a harmonious composition.

My art embraces imperfection and emanates a unique vitality and intricacy. My goal is for viewers to interact with my art, feeling both captivated and stimulated, and to appreciate the inherent beauty found in the spontaneity of our existence.



Victoria Primicias was born in Manila, immigrated to Toronto at 15, then moved to Chicago for work. Warmer weather and friends beckoned her to the Raleigh, NC area in 2009, which she now calls home.

Primicias is a 25-year graphic design veteran whose work has been recognized in various publications, including Communication Arts, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Print Magazine, and many more. She holds a BA in Fine Art History from the University of Toronto, and Graphic Design from George Brown College. Additional coursework was completed at the Ontario College Art & Design (OCAD) and Seneca College.

Her fine art paintings can be found in both public and private collections nationwide including universities, government agencies and hospitals.