• Why I'm Feeling Blue

    I love water. I adore it in all its shades. Cerulean. Turquoise. Azure. Beryl. Teal. Indigo. Ultramarine. Seafoam. Sapphire.
  • The 6 Stages of the Creative Process

    I began this post to showcase the stages of the creative process. But somewhere along the way, the rails came off. 
  • 6 Art Tricks I Learned from Cats

    When Tom Jones sang, "What's new pussycat?", whoa, I learned to swoon. But cats taught me something more valuable. 
  • Dances with Skinks

    Ah, spring! Pink and white flowers are bursting early this year. But along with this beauty lurks an unwelcome visitor.
  • Mad About Yellow [Chardonnay Bay]

    Where art thou, o color Yellow? Without you, there would be no light to blanket the sky at dawn and no limes, mints and teals that could be birthed from blue.
  • Father Knows Best… Eventually!

    My father wanted to protect me from myself. He knew I was an artist.
  • Mom: The Original Energizer Bunny

    Mom is the original Energizer Bunny. At 90, she keeps going, and going, and going.
  • Does Lightning Strike Twice in Richmond?

    I hope not. Yep, last year was memorable all right.
  • How I Lie to Seek My Truth [Little Lies]

    Is all lying bad? What if it hurts no one? What about white lies?
  • Hey, What's the Big Idea?

    I'm deadline-oriented. With my graphic design background, the clock is always ticking. Clients don't pay for the time it takes for big magic to make its lofty way down into creative right brain cells. They pay for the goods.
  • Do Paintings Talk? You Betcha.

    Disclaimer: This painting has nothing to do with rumors. Nor was it inspired by Marvin Gaye's "I heard it through the grapevine."
  • On Being an Artist [Since Forever]

    So this is a test. Do you think this is an oil and wax painting, or an acrylic painting? Here's a hint. I created this in Oct. 2015.