The 6 Stages of the Creative Process

6 stages of teh creative process

When I first saw this list, it made me laugh out loud. It's so spot on! So I thought to dig deeper into the creative process and was confronted with an inner dialog, a conflict between the two sides of the brain.

The right brain is the creative side, the side that likes to draw rabbit ears on cats because it can, add fish sauce to chicken dishes because it can, and mix acrylics with oils (a big no-no), yup, because it can.

The right brain is also intuitive, playful, temperamental, and immature. Think Pee-wee Herman. Fortunately, the left, logical side (aka "Spock") often intervenes to keep things on an even footing. Here's what goes on during the 6 stages of the creative process.

1. The "This is Awesome" Stage

It's playtime. The artistic brain is doing its own thing, in its own space. No boring meetings to attend, no office politics, no traffic commute. Just blissfully banging around in the garage studio, listening to some tunes, breaking into the occasional tequila dance with skinks (lol).

The artist Victoria Primicias painting on a drafting table in her garage studio.SPOCK: Finally, I can start painting again. The recent cold vortex made it impossible to work in the garage studio. Let's see. Day 3. Making progress.

PEE-WEE: Connecting the dots. La la la la. A little more. That's it. La la la la la. Ooh, look at that. So cool.

2. The "This is Tricky" Stage

It's smooth sailing in outer space and the layers begin to pile up. Then halfway through, the mood begins to shift.

Pee-wee Herman Gravitas Image

SPOCKThe painting is looking flat. I should probably add some contrast. Let's try a little dark area here, something to give the painting some gravitas.

PEE-WEE: Gravitas? Haha. Who am I trying to impress?

3. The "This is Shit" Stage

The painting is in trouble but the solution isn't clear. Although a form is beginning to take shape, it doesn't look like much.

Spock "The color selection is highly illogical" image

PEE-WEE: Color wheel? Haha. The color wheel isn't going to save this painting. It looks like S---
Peewee Herman holding sign that says "Shit".4. The "I am Shit" Stage

Now there's a bunch of trial and error going on. The Pee-wee side is beginning to have a meltdown. Danger! Danger!
Spock saying "Calm down"
PEE-WEE: Shoulda left it alone. Why do I even try? Look at it. It's sh*t. I'm sh*t.

Peewee Herman holding sign saying, "Shit".5. The "This Might Be Ok" Stage

Spock persists, knowing the painting will eventually turn the corner like it usually does.
Spock wearing red glasses.

Peewee Herman listening. "I'm listening to reason."6. The "This is Awesome" Phase

SPOCKNow for a little more. There, it's done.

PEE-WEE: OMG. Haha! I meant to do that.
Peewee Herman saying, "This is awesome".
SPOCK: It's fascinating. I almost believe in luck.

So there you have it. The creative process, in a nutshell, a tug of war between the two sides of the creative mind, another epic battle fought and won. Another painting is done.

Now that the garage studio is no longer an icebox, Spock and Pee-wee have been doing lots of nattering. Many works in progress (in preparation for my upcoming shows), seen below in the S-H-I-T stage.

Artist's studio in a garage.

Work-in-progress blue landscape painting.

Paintings, works-in-progress in the garage studio of Victoria Primicias 

To see some AWESOME paintings (ha ha), click here to view my original art collection.