Mom: The Original Energizer Bunny

Lazy Daze art festival in Cary, NC.

In Summer of 2010, my Mom and sister visited from Toronto. On the Saturday of their visit, I took them to an art festival. 

My Mom loves art festivals.

Actually, she adores shopping and is enthralled with materials, from Bakelite (an antique plastic resin, now coveted)
to semi-precious stones, ivory to gold and anything in between.Wooden walking cane with Thai buddha head handle.

She has all sorts of collections: scarves, jewelry boxes, antique wooden saints, even walking canes in the most intricate designs. To the right is one she gave me.

At the time, she was 84 and walked in spurts. She still does. After half a block, her legs weaken and she feels the need to sit down immediately. 

Except when she's shopping. It's truly a miracle. In shopping mode, she can stand for a long time until, of course, she realizes she's tired.

We brought along a wheelchair, and I asked my sister, Tessa, to attend to Mom. I was training for my last marathon, and was feeling weary after having run 18 miles earlier that day. I found some shade and rested nearby.

After 45 minutes, I spotted Tessa way off in the distance, looking about confusedly. I also observed that Mom was nowhere around. I went to see what was going on, only to learn they had somehow become separated.

Mom couldn't have travelled far, but Tessa had no idea where. One minute Mom was right there, she said. And the next minute Mom was gone. I guess Tessa loves to shop, too!

I approached the festival organizer's tent to file a Missing Persons Report: 84-year-old Asian grandmother known as "Cora".  May or may not respond when called. Has short, curly black hair. Last seen traveling with wheelchair.

It was absurd. How could this happen? It may be funny now but at the time, we were very concerned. Mom was like our child, and we failed to protect her. It was then I realized what my brother meant. The Energizer bunny got away. 

Tessa and I went in separate directions to look for Mom. The festival grounds were quite large. It was Tessa who found her standing "way down the other end", wheelchair in tow. Thankfully, Mom wasn't upset but by then, she was tired. We decided to head home. Before leaving, I notified a volunteer that we found Mom.

As I pushed the wheelchair away from the festival grounds, a police officer approached to verify Mom's identity. Word had not yet gotten around about our discovery. The officer verified my identity, too. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't abducting her, lol.

Four people, three Asian and one Caucasian, posing in front of boat.Now 90, my Mom is still a real trooper. Here she is last year when we spent the day boating. If she lived here, I bet she'd readily hang out with me at my art shows. 

Next weekend beginning May 19 to 21, if you're in the area, I hope you'll
drop by 
Artsplosure, the Raleigh Arts Festival on Fayetteville St. I'll be in
Booth B-43, which is between Davie and Martin (in front of the Wake
County Courthouse).

Bring your Mom! 


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