Copy of Abstract Landscape #1 • NFT Collection

"My abstract landscapes are visual meditations driven by color, atmosphere, and movement."
Victoria Primicias

Abstract Landscapes #1 NFT Collection

Created on the Polygon network, the collection includes 200 unique items, all 1/1 editions
This represents the sum of landscape paintings completed in the years 2013–19. No more will be added. 


The abstract landscapes were painted using a drywall spatula and contains up to 30 layers of paint. Each layer was incised by various sharp tools for texture and visual interest. It is a long and tedious process that cannot be replicated digitally, making this NFT collection valuable.


  • Year created
  • Paint medium
  • Sky color
  • Water color
  • Horizon line
  • Temperature
  • Mood
  • Orientation


#1 – #20 (SUPER RARE)
#21 – #60 (RARE)
#61 – #120 (UNCOMMON)
#121 – #200 (COMMON)
Silent Spring painting

Collector Benefits

  • Each NFT comes with a high-quality digital version of the painting
  • Enjoy a purchase discount on original art

Support those who make their living from the sea

  • Ten percent of primary sales will go to whose mission is to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs in 77 countries
  • Primicias has been a Kiva supporter since 2009
  • Click to see her lender page here

Martha's Shallows painting


  • Set up social media @PrimiciasArt (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Begin minting and listing paintings
  • Available for view on Opensea starting Feb 7, 2022
  • Launch collection on Feb. 21, 2022 
  • Continue social media
  • Set up Discord server
  • Support owners through social media channels
  • Expand the Primicias Art collection